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Sharing my research insights on UX

As part of a research project between Aarhus University and Designit, I researched on the history of UX and used it to propose a definition for the term. To share the insights, I made an article and shared on Medium. The article was featured on a podcast and became Designit’s 2nd most liked article. Read intro below.


Why you should ditch your UX definition, and use this one instead 👈

Popular thoughts about what user experience is are wrong. Let’s share a concise and easy-to-share understanding of the term instead.

By Caglar Araz
Mar 15, 2018

In recent years, UX has evolved from being used in the human computer interaction community into becoming a popular buzzword. The evolution of the term, and its adoption across various platforms has resulted in a term that is ill-defined and heavily contextual.

We have all experienced that depending on who you ask, how you ask, whenyou ask, and in what context you ask, you will get different answers on what UX is.

The web has become resourceful on how to achieve better experience for our users. Case studies, research methods, design principles, dos and donts, etc. But, before we can talk about how we successfully achieve better user experiences, don’t we need to share a consensus on what UX means in the first place? 🤔

Through a brief history as well as an introduction of key aspects of UX, this article will help you understand and articulate what UX is. Real life examples and visuals will support…