UX & UI Designer

Hackathon Victory

At AUHack 2017, Denmark's largest hackathon, my team and I made a pc-monitor application that displays productivity. Through an intelligent system that monitors computer activity and facial recognition, the PC will display your productivity (and your procrastination). Based on your productivity, the application will either reward or punish you.

Motivating a group of computer scientists to use design methods.

Although we already had an idea, I motivated the group to spend more time on creating more ideas within our problem area. So, I facilitated a creative process using convergent and divergent thinking (basically, brainstorming).


While developers tend to start coding as soon as they face a problem; Caglar proved to me at AUHack’17 that starting projects off with a thorough problem identification and brainstorming process plays an important role towards a successful end result.

It was particularly beneficial in two ways. First of all every member of our team ended up on the exact same page working towards the same goal. Secondly our product ended up solving the core problem that our idea based on instead of the symptoms.
— Frederik Hvilshøj, Student of Computer Science, Team Member