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Apple Watch Face

As a passion project, I created my own Apple Watch Face. I wanted the watch face to look different from any of existing ones and like if it was something Apple had made.

Let's start with low-fidelity prototypes.

Before I start to create the watch in Sketch, I start by making a mock-up with pen and paper. During this process, my ideas flush for a different watch. And in this case, I decided to go with one where instead of the number-dials moving, the watch is.





Then, I play around with the idea in Sketch.

Apple Watch11.png





Finished version.

Apple Watch8.png




Remember to ask others for feedback!

I asked some Apple Watch fans what they thought about the watch. Here's some of their comments:

Cool. I like it · I like it · I like it! · I freaking love it and I would sport this if I could! I love the idea...I wish Apple would buy your watch face from you or at least devs put there own watch faces on the store. I freaking love this Face! · I like it! · Not bad. Patent it and sell it to Apple · Very cool! Personally I don't think it would be very useful for me as I don't like to think too much when checking the time (lol) but it does look good · I could see me wearing it occasionally. · I really like this watch face. Source