Making not only a website but
a page people want to check out. 💻

Initially, this website was more monotone, static and filled with walls of text. But after receiving feedback from friends and some of my teachers, I decided to radically change the site to become something I know they would want to check out. So you might say the creation of this website was also a UX project.

The difference between version 2.0 and the previous one is that this new version includes more color and supports ARoS as a theme; it has more interactive elements , text improvements in terms of size, space and amount; and a lot more catchy phrases. And a lot more. Here's some pictures from the previous version.



Being the communicator between students
and decision makers improves our education. 🏫


As a member and/or chairman in the Bord of Studies, Board of Education, ODDS (Digital Design Student Council), Artsraadet (Arts Faculty Student Council), Studenterraadet (The University's Student Council), a lot of my time as a student is spend on improving educations at Aarhus University and making it more enjoyable to be a student. And I use many of the methods from UX to try to understand the users which in this case is students.

In my work, I spend a lot of time on trying to reach out to the students. And this happens through several different events. Apart from looking at studies and talking to students when I can, I try to find ways to make events to interact with the students more. E.g., once we gave cake to students who would add a comment about the education on a post-it. Another day, I motivated two department managers and a group of students who were soon finished for a meeting about the future of our education.


I'll keep this page updated
with other UX projects...

Stay tuned...