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Winner of LEGO Education Challenge at AUHack 2018

What is LEGO Hunt?

LEGO HUNT is a team-oriented treasure-hunting game that combines augmented reality and LEGOs to challenge pupils in various disciplines.

LEGO HUNT is about creating fun and engaging learning experiences for children through the use of other technologies to innovate education.

What is AUHack 2018?

AUHack is Denmarks’s largest hackathon for students. Over a 36-hour period, more than 230 students interested in IT will meet, form groups and work intensively to create awesome prototypes and concepts.

The winning team will have a hack that is well-executed in terms of design, technology, completion and personal evolvement from the start of the hackathon.

What does this have to do with LEGO?

As a main sponsor for the hackathon, LEGO Education presented a case for AUHack (read the case).

1st place in the LEGO Challenge.
2nd place for Best AUHack 2018.

Our rewards was... LEGO! And, we've been invited to Lego in Billund to present our concept and showcase what we have implemented.

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How does the game work?

Our idea can be identified as a treasure hunting game made for the American K-12 age-group. These participants have to form groups to complete as many challenges as possible before the timer runs out. For every challenge they complete, they will earn LEGOs. Each challenge will challenge them in a random disciplinary like math or geometry but also creative thinking and more. When they have completed the challenge, they will have a LEGO construction that they will bring back to their base. Upon arrival, they will receive points for this solution and be given a new destination to explore and complete another challenge. After a period of time they can't complete anymore challenges, and they will have a collection of LEGOs that they will use to make a creative LEGO solution and earn more LEGO-points. After this, a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded to the leading teams.

So, basically, LEGO HUNT is a tool for teachers to engage children in new learning experiences. They will have the ability to scale these challenges based on the appropriate level for their pupils.

LEGO HUNT functions through an app where kids can see new challenge locations, scan AR stickers and see leaderboard for the other teams.


What does the app do?

Basically, you have to download the LEGO HUNT app. This will allow the user to locate the challenges that are carefully placed by teachers. Next, when a user goes to these challenges, they will then scan the augmented reality marker (which is a LEGO mini-figure in a red/yellow block). When they have scanned, they will then see the challenge. The app also allows them to see how other teams are doing in terms of completed challenges.


What can a challenge be?

The idea is that teachers can vary the difficulty for each challenge. So it can be something as simple as counting LEGOs in AR for young kids to making geometry forms. We created the concept for 14 challenges, and we were able to demonstrate 3 of them at our expo. Use the images below to see some of the challenges.


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did not know each other before-hand, and still we worked very great together. When we got together, we agreed that we wanted to do the LEGO challenge, and after an ideation process we came up with the concept for the app. After this, we made a plan on what we wanted to achieve and who was responsible for what. And slowly throughout the hackathon, we all participated with a great level of effort in achieving an implementation and a design of this concept.