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LEGO Hunt is an educative tool that uses augmented reality and gamification to challenge children in school in their team-working, problem-solving, physical, and knowledge skills. The concept for LEGO Hunt happened at AUHack 2018 (Denmark's largest hackathon for students) where LEGO Education presented a case. As winners, we were invited to Billund to showcase our concept and demonstrate our prototype.



It happened at AUHack 2018.



The game is pretty simple.



We use AR technology to scan markers.

After downloading the LEGO Hunt app, you'll be able to play the game. The app has four purposes. 1) Locate challenges using our map. 2) Scan the LEGO marker at the location. 3) Complete the augmented reality challenge. 4) See how others teams are doing. You can check out the rough interface for the app below.

Check out the interface for the app.



We designed more than 10 challenges.

The idea is that teachers can vary the difficulty for each challenge. So it can be something as simple as counting LEGOs in AR for young kids to making geometry forms. We created the concept for 14 challenges, and we were able to demonstrate 3 of them at our expo. Use the images below to see some of the challenges.



LEGO Education loved it.

Because we won the case, we were invited over to LEGO Education in Billund to showcase our concept and demonstrate the prototype. This picture was taken with the Front End Innovators team. It was received very well, and they thought it was very inspiring to see a combination of play, activity, education... and LEGO. 





One good day...

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