Curriculum Vitae

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Confident in UX design with an excellent understanding of user research, wireframing (Axure, Sketch, hand drawing), and prototype testing. Curious, proactive and with good team-work and communication skills. My commitment to educational boards and organizations show my interest in my peers and that I can be responsible. 





(sep 2016 - present) 
Master in Digital Design
Aarhus University

With the latest knowledge about creativity, aesthetics, and culture, as well as skills in user surveys, process management, and prototypes, I aspire to work with user experience design in my future.

The most exciting part of my education has been working with design challenges presented by Danske Bank.





(sep 2012 - may 2016) 
Bachelor in English 
University of Southern Denmark

My bachelor has given me confidence in communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills, including the ability to convey complex concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences. 

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(oct 2016 - present)
"User Research - Methods and Best practices" and "Intro to HTML and CSS"
Interaction Design Foundation and Udacity

To learn more about coding, and what restrictions and possibilities it has in terms of design, and user research methods, I have supplemented my education with these two online courses. 



(feb 2017 - present)
Meeting Chairman of the Student Council
Aarhus University

As Meeting Chairman of the Student Council (DK: Studenterrådet), I conduct meetings, act as a facilitator, and ensure that the ordinances are followed.





(nov 2016 - present)
Board Member in ODDS
Organization for Digital Design Students

My role as the Board Member is to 1) raise awareness of Digital Design in the business world 2) help students understand their skills, and 3) improve our study environment. This will be done through company visits, meetings with companies and the education staff members and more.

Challenge: to build an organization up anew and act as a motivator for our organization. Our website.





(oct - dec 2016) 
Academic Mentor
Digital Design, Aarhus University

I helped new students with their start at university. My group and I met regularly and talked about the group process, uni and everyday life, career and more.





(apr 2013 - apr 2014) 
Teacher and Organizer of English Boost Camp
University of Southern Denmark

A course where a group of university students and I prepare high school students for their exam in English. I taught literature, language and grammar.

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(jan 2017 - present)
Vice-chairman of the Board of Studies and of the Board of Education
Aarhus University

With an interest in the quality of education and student environments , I am in the Board of Studies (DK: Studienævnet) and in the Board of Education (DK: Uddannelsesnævnet) to promote the students' interests and opinions. 

Challenge: being ready to take on here-and-now assignments while also having to maintain my studies. This also applies to my role in the ODDS, Student Council and the Arts Council.






(oct 2016 - present)
Student Representative at the Arts Council
Student Council for All ARTS Degrees at Aarhus University

Given me insight into other degrees, their student organizations and more. The knowledge has been helpful for my role in the ODDS and in the Board of Studies and Education. 




(dec 2015 - jul 2016)
Social Media Manager

I spread the word about free coaching through articles on our website, by regularly making Facebook posts, designing leaflets and reaching out to companies. 



Work Experience

(feb - may 2016)
Spokesman for my Base during Military Service
Air Force Training Center

My role involved to act as 1) communicator between my unit and the other employees on the base, 2) be the resource person for my fellow soldiers and 3) and represent the entire base to spokesman meetings.

Challenge: at times it was nerve-wracking to sit at meetings with commanders and other higher-rank officers. It was also very hard to manage my service and my role as a spokesman while also having to attend two exams from my bachelor.




(jun - oct 2013)
OnLine Telemarketing & Salgsbureauet

My responsibilities were to sell subscriptions for Falck (a Danish rescue service) and different magazines. The job improved my communication skills and my ability to maintain energy, be outgoing, and welcoming to many types of customers. 

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(may - nov 2015)
Au Pair i California and Washington D.C.
Cultural Care Au Pair

Being in USA improved my oral English, and gave me an authentic cultural experience of America and understanding different types of people.

I had to write my bachelor paper during my stay abroad.




I keep my body and my mind fresh by going to the gym regularly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and practicing mindfulness. Additionally, I like to keep myself educated about American culture, music, and society. Apart from that I just like hanging out with loved ones.