As a user experience designer, I bring forth methodologies from design thinking which aims to produce creative solutions.

I am curious, proactive and I have good team-work and communication skills.

My commitment to educational boards and organizations show my interest in my student peers, and my experience with competitions show my ambitions for myself.




Design Experience

(oct 2017) 
Carat Case Competition
Carat Case & Bauhaus

Carat Case Competition invites students to come together and solve a real business case. Only 24 students are allowed a spot in this popular Danish event, and they have 48 hours to come up with their solution and present it to a company in groups. 




(august 2017 -  present) 
User Experience Design (Internship)

As a designer at one of the leading strategic design firms in the world, I'm working on various user experience design projects.





(oct 2017) 
(Winner of) AUHack 2017
Aarhus University

I worked interdisciplinary with computer scientists in making a monitor that can punish and reward users by monitoring their productivity on their PC.

My role was to facilitate the initial creative process, draw the wire-frames, and produce a physical product with a laser cutter.



(sep 2016 - present) 
Master's Degree in Digital Design
Aarhus University

With the latest knowledge about digital design, creativity, aesthetics, and culture, I aspire to work with user experience design in my future.





(sep 2012 - may 2016) 
Bachelor in English 
University of Southern Denmark

My bachelor has given me confidence in communication, presentation, interpersonal and analytical skills, including the ability to convey complex concepts clearly and persuasively across different audiences. 

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(oct 2016 - present)
Online Courses
Interaction Design Foundation and Udacity

I have taken the following online courses: (1) Conducting Usability Testing, (2) User Research - Methods and Best Practices, (3) Intro to HTML and CSS.



(feb 2017 - present)
Meeting Chairman of the Student Council
Aarhus University

As Meeting Chairman of the Student Council, I conduct meetings, act as a facilitator, and ensure that the ordinances are followed. 





(nov 2016 - present)
Chairman in ODDS
Organization for Digital Design Students

As a chairman in ODDS, my interests have been to promote student affairs, increase awareness of Digital Design and its skills in the job market, administrate our activities and facilitate meetings. Our biggest challenge with ODDS was to start it up anew.

I started as a member of the board, and later I became chairman.





(oct - dec 2016) 
Academic Mentor
Digital Design, Aarhus University

The mentor program supports new students starting their degrees. As a mentor, I was assigned a study group of four students, where we regularly met and discussed about career paths, team collaboration, academia etc.


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(jan 2017 - present)
Vice-chairman of the Board of Studies and of the Board of Education
Aarhus University

With an interest in the quality of education and student environments, I am in the Board of Studies and Education to promote the students' interests and opinions.






(oct 2016 - present)
Student Representative at the Arts Council
Student Council for All ARTS Degrees at Aarhus University

As a member of Arts Council, I've achieved insight into other degrees, their student organizations, environments and more. The knowledge from here has been helpful for my own performances in other educational boards and student organizations.



(apr 2013 - apr 2014) 
English Teacher
University of Southern Denmark

Every year, a group of university students come together to help high school students prepare for their exams. As an English teacher, I taught literature, grammar, and oral communication.



Work Experience

(feb - may 2016)
Conscript & National Spokesman
Air Force Training Center

Basic military training in arms control, single fighting skills, guarding, fire fighting, first aid, and physical education.

I was elected National Spokesman by my fellow soldiers and acted as their communicator and ressource person.

During my service, I also prepared for and finished my final university exams.




(jun - oct 2013)
OnLine Telemarketing & Salgsbureauet

Selling subscriptions (e.g. safety services, magazines) improved my communication skills and my the ability to remain calm, outgoing, and friendly to all kinds of customers.

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(may - nov 2015)
Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair

As a member of families in California and later Washington D.C., I got to experience genuine American culture close-up.

Next to my work, I wrote my bachelor's thesis.