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Right now, I’m waiting to start my new job at LEGO as UX Designer. My most recent work was with FirstAgenda where I was responsible for the design and experience of their globally launched meeting assistant. I designed many of its new features including new navigation, transcription, insights, agenda creation, collaborative document and more. As their first UX Designer, my time here taught me how to ensure room for UX in a setting where there previously were none.

I graduated from Aarhus University with a degree in Digital Design. The degree is very academic, but I ensured UX became an integral part of my education both through my academic focus but also through my activities outside school through my internship Designit and participation in many case competitions.

My multicultural background has definitely become a big part of who I am. Growing up between the Danish and Turkish culture, I’m someone who embraces and understands differences. For fun, I love spending time with my friends here in Aarhus, but most of the time, I enjoy watching series, playing board games and video games with my partner.