UX & UI Designer

Don’t worry. Everyone has trouble pronouncing the name 😅



This tip usually helps! Try and say “Charlie” out loud. Now, remove the “-ie” in the end and replace with an “-a”. So it becomes “Charla”. Now say it.

Or, you can also just listen to Google saying it. 😅

My background is rooted in UX & Design

With a major in User Experience Design from Aarhus University, my experience designing for real clients through my stay at Designit, and my passion for the craft of design and UX, I view myself as a strong and skilled UX Designer.

I am not saying I cannot learn new things; I learn new things every day! But what I mean is that I feel very comfortable in this work field and I know my strengths and weaknesses. I know my style, I know my software tools, and I know what I do when I want to get inspired or when I feel stuck, and I’ve even studied the topic from an academic perspective.

Minimalism is my design style

I’m a minimalist. Growing up, I always liked systematising my belongings and throwing stuff out I didn’t need. All my drawers were always empty or super organised, and so were my closets. Similar to Marie Kondo, I’d stay after school and organise the boards in school. I remember once that my mother’s computer was victim to my simplification. For me, having cleaned it resulted in a much better experience whereas her experience was the loss of saved passwords in the browser… they were lost. Having learned the hard lessons of minimalism, I today utilize my ability to simplify on digital platforms because honestly, most of the digital world is total shit, and we really need to clean it up so people can start experiencing the things that really matter.

Team-work is the most important thing to me

But as good as I can claim myself to be, I recognise that a product can only—and will only— be as good as its makers want it to be. Similar to the saying that “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link”, a great product is the result of team-work.

Therefore, when I made it a career focus to become a UX Designer and started my master degree, I took EVERY opportunity I could to work with different kind of people in different kinds of contexts. I had so many roles some would say had nothing to do with UX or design, but what these experiences have in common is that if I want to do a good job, I have to do it together with others.

Especially during military service, I saw how the results of team-work are far much greater than individual work. Or in university in the educational and student boards I was part of, we always achieved much greater goals when it was done in collaboration.

Today, I utilize my past experiences and ensure to work with amazing people because that’s how you create amazing products.

My future ambitions

For my future, I could imagine myself as a design or UX leader, but right now, I want to do some work that gets my hand dirty but proud because I in collaboration with other created something we could be proud of.